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Focus Areas


Machine Learning

We deliver state‑of‑the‑art machine learning and pattern recognition solutions optimized for each use case by combining cutting‑edge research expertise with real‑world problem‑solving.

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Computer Architecture

Get experts in the computer architecture, FPGA and ASIC domains to meet/accelerate your product/project needs at different abstraction levels of your design and development cycle.

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Deploy state‑of‑the‑art security countermeasures to secure your perimeter, infrastructure, systems and applications from attackers. Our team of experts will know just the right fit for your requirement.

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Make your entity future‑proof with latest communication infrastructure. We design and develop cutting‑edge communications infrastructure to match your growing demands.

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Tools & Technologies

We got the top 5% in every area/tool we operate in to ensure the work gets done at the higest standard.

Machine Learning
Computer Architecture

Web & Mobile

We got experts in essential services as well!

Responsive Web Design

Web Design & Development

  • Gather requirements, create user flow charts and build wireframes
  • UI/UX designs for all required device sizes
  • Convert all the mockups in to responsive web pages
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Web Development

Mobile Application Design & Development

  • UI/UX designs
  • Hybrid mobile app development
  • Native mobile app development
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Web & Mobile Application Development
Mobile Apps Development

Digital Marketing & Graphics

  • Digital graphics
  • Branding and marketing collateral
  • Social media management
  • Search engine optimization
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Digital Marketing & Graphics

Why Us

We have built an ecosystem where the best come together and contribute to impactful projects. We believe that top talent stays where their skills are valued, well compensated and given an opportunity to grow.

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We filter out the best using a series of interviews, IQ tests, hands‑on exercises, background checks and recommendations.


Flexible Commitments

We know that your requirements can be different. Hire the best candidates on full‑time or part‑time or per‑project or hourly basis.


Flexible Times

Different timezones can produce challenges when working together. Our team has flexible working hours to fit your schedule.


Risk Free

We will absorb the risk of contract termination. Team will be
re‑allocated so that no one faces difficulties after termination.



Almost every project cuts across several domains. Our mutidisciplinary team can facilitate the best combination for your requirements.

Get More Than a Job, Earn More Than Money!

Become a part of a cutting‑edge tech culture with a pool of benefits.


Attractive Compensation Packages

Earn a package consisting of dollar-pegged salaries, health insurance, EPF/ETF and bonuses. Get access co‑working spaces through-out Sri Lanka.

Car rental

Work Culture

What matters is the work getting done, not the hours you put in. Work from anywhere on exciting projects with a team that will push you to be better always.

Medical insurance

Knowledge Sharing

Cutting edge solutions are developed through collective brilliance. Work with a multidisciplinary team of experts and grow technically and professionally with us.

Friends & Allies

We work with tech companies and clients world-wide.

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